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webtracktechnologies Shopify As Website Development Tools For An eCommerce Store

Shopify As Website Development Tools For An eCommerce Store

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an exclusive application used for creating and designing your eCommerce website. It is an online platform to sell your products around the world. However, it is a cloud-based hosting utilized by businesses to establish online shops. Shopify is popular among business enterprises because of its low start-up cost and easy interface. An enterprise can opt for Shopify to create web stores, eCommerce stores, and sell a wide variety of products. 

Shopify is one of the fastest-growing online store builders. Through Shopify, you can sell your products using different channels like Facebook shops, Amazon, and Shopify POS. There are many such benefits of Shopify due to which most enterprises prefer it. 

Why is Shopify the best to develop an eCommerce store? 

  1. Shopify is the most popular solution to develop an eCommerce store. 
  2. It is used to create secure and sophisticated websites for any business.
  3. Shopify is a leading eCommerce and website development tool used across the world.
  4. It is not something beyond our access but an application that connects to various Shopify stores. 
  5. Shopify is like several other applications which can be written in many different languages across various stacks. 
  6. Shopify is not the same as a regular web application. There is a big difference between them. In Shopify, you can use admin API.
  7. Through Shopify developers you can create amazing online stores according to your specific requirements.
  8. Shopify not only develops the eCommerce stores but guides you in understanding the admin tools and functioning that comes with online Shopify store. 
  9. As a website development company, we offer creative and strategic services for all types of eCommerce businesses. 
  10. The feature-rich solutions of Shopify, are used for custom eCommerce website development, including product inventory, user-friendly interface, payment gateway integration, etc.

Exclusive features under Shopify Solutions

 Content Management

Shopify gives you built-in CMS features so that users can design and manage as many web pages as they want about the products. You can create web pages according to the interest of each user of your online eCommerce store.

 Customize your Store

Shopify comes with its intuitive settings that allow users to customize their storefront on every track. You can customize these templates as per your requirements.

 Multiple Payment Gateways

Shopify offers a lot of payment options because it is integrated with 70 external payment gateways across the world. 

 Abandoned checkout recovery

Using this amazing tool you can recover your entire lost sale by sending emails to the customers. These emails carry a link to the abandoned shopping carts of the customers. Clicking on the link given in emails, the customers can recover their lost sales.

 Inventory Management

 Shopify gives you a very unique feature called ‘Inventory Management’. Using this feature a website owner can add their products, upload pictures, and set stock counts instantly.

 Marketing Features

 Shopify comes with a huge variety of marketing features, such as built-in Search Engine Optimization, coupon codes, and other marketing tools.

So you can avail all these and many other features of Shopify Store. As a Web Development Company we create Shopify stores for all types  of Products and services. 

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